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free responsive wp theme

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We have carefully crafted this theme so it can fit any type of content. It is comes with a responsive layout and an advanced and flexible grid powered by jQuery Masonrythat automatically and smoothly adapts to changes to the viewport of your browser. Here’s a list of all the features this theme comes packed with:

  • Flexible, multicolumn grid
  • Responsive Layout
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Post Formats
  • Audio & Video playback
  • Dedicated portfolio section
  • Multiple layout options and custom page templates
  • Built-in design elements for creating custom layouts and landing pages.
  • Custom fonts and advanced typography options
  • SEO-ready and options that give you control over code semantics
  • Clean, organized and documented code


    Adding descriptions to menu items

    The theme’s navigation allows a small description to be displayed below each menu item. To enable this, in the admin panel go to Appearance > Menus, expand the menu items and enter its description in the field called “Title”. This will then automatically be converted into a description to be displayed below the menu item.

    Adding thumbnails to posts

    The theme supports the built-in WordPress featured images functionality. To add a thumbnail, when editing a post, open the upload tool, select the image you wish to set as thumbnail and select “Use as Featured Image”. Note that thumbnails appear only in blog post lists. To display then in single posts you need to insert them manually.

    Adding posts to the slider

    The slider displays sticky posts as featured. Mark the posts you wish to add to the slider as sticky
    and they will be added automatically. Note that this mode disables the normal post order with sticky posts on top
    and sticky posts will appear only in the slider.

    Adding a Logo

    The theme uses WordPress built-in custom header functionality to handle logos. To add a logo to your website, go to Appearance > Header and upload your desired image. You can then adjust the image’s width but not the height. The optimal size for logos is 196×48 pixels. Note that you need at least WordPress version 3.4 to benefit from this functionality.


    For any support questions please use the dedicated section at the forum.

    The theme is released under GPL. Feel free and encouraged to use, modify and redistribute it however you like.

    We hope you will find great use for this theme. Please let us know how it has made your life easier by dropping us a comment in the box below. Happy blogging!